We're different to other fashion brands. Not just because of our ethical & sustainable production. But because of how we work with designers.

At Yes Friends you get creative freedom, the credit for your work and commission. So if your design does really well, so do you.

If you've got an idea for a new fashion collection, you've come to the right place. 

Ready to become the hottest name in fashion?


We work with designers to bring their fashion collections to life. It can be anything from oversized jeans to flowery dresses. 

Say hello to creative freedom 👋 If you've got an idea for a new collection, let us know.


When our team have approved your design, together we'll work with our ethical & sustainable factories to create a sample. 


When you're happy with the sample, we'll photograph your product and test it on Yes Friends Future Products, where our audience can vote on their favourite designs. If your design does well, we'll start bulk production at our ethical & sustainable factories.


Your designs will arrive at our warehouse, then together we spread the word. We'll put them on Yes Friends and tell our audience why wearing your design will make heads turn wherever they go.

You get paid.

You'll get paid commission on every design we sell to our customers around the globe, so when your design does well, so do you.





What styles do you design?

How long have you been a designer?

Who have you designed for previously? 

Include links to your portfolio or previous collections.

Do you already have a following? 

If so, please tell us about them and include social handles.


Which brands/designers are you inspired by?

Tell us about what you want to design and sell on Yes Friends. Please send visual design ideas to

What price point do you want to sell for?

Who is your target market?