Hey friend, we exist to make ethical clothing affordable and transform the fashion industry. Small goals.

Since 2021, we've sold over 13,000 sustainable & ethical 

T-shirts and been spotted in The Guardian, The Independent and Sky News. We've been awarded the highest ethical rating by Good On You. And because of your support, given thousands of pounds directly to garment workers.

It's been a rollercoaster and this is just the start. It's good to have you on board. Welcome to Yes Friends 👋

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If  Mother Teresa bought T-shirts & hoodies, she'd buy these ones.

Clothes are the products with the 2nd highest risk of modern slavery and produce around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions (that’s more than planes!). 

Nobody wants that.

But £80 for a sustainable T-shirt? Nobody wants that either.

And not buying clothes isn’t an option either (nobody wants to see that).

So... we’ve made an affordable, environmentally friendly, Fair Trade T-shirt 😲 😲

One. Our garment workers are paid good wages. 

Two. The factory is powered by wind and solar energy. 

Three. Classic cuts, they're never going out of style.

Four. They're made from Fairtrade organic cotton, it's like wearing a cloud ⛅️

One. Our garment workers get paid good wages. 

Two. The factory is powered by wind and solar energy. 

Three. A timeless cut, that's never going out of style.

Four. They're made from Fairtrade organic cotton, so it's like wearing a cloud ⛅️

But how is this madness possible?

There’s a myth in the fashion industry that goes like this:

“It’s way too expensive to pay workers well and treat the planet well and run a successful business”.

But the truth is, with a little bit of scale it's possible to pay workers well, use sustainable materials and be affordable. Ethical doesn't have to mean artisanal.

Did you know: if high street brands paid a few pennies extra per T-shirt they could have paid their workers a living wage 😲

Our Timeless Designs

Our original T-shirts and hoodies are cut from Fairtrade organic cotton. That means they're as soft as the Andrex puppy and perfect for the first date, the morning run and everything in between.

We experimented with loads of designs until we landed on the Yes Friends Original designs. They're simple, timeless, and will literally never go out of style. Join the club of rockstars and cult heroes who've been rocking these classic looks for years.

Did you say the factory is solar powered?

Yes! That alongside our use of organic cotton means our T-shirts uses less CO2 to make than your second favourite pair of underwear (probably).

Okay, this is the best T-shirt ever.

What are good wages?

For every Yes Friends item we make, we pay an additional bonus that goes directly to the garment workers. It's why we do, what we do.

Adding as little as 10p to the price of a T-shirt increases workers wages by a whopping 50%. Sounds like magic, but it’s just maths. Magic Maths. 

The bigger we get, the bigger impact we can have. 

What's this about super soft Fairtrade and organic cotton?

It’s a win, win, win, win, win.

We pay farmers a Fairtrade Price for the organic cotton and also an additional Fairtrade Premium that goes towards a community fund.

Organic cotton is primarily rain-fed, reducing the need for water irrigation. 

Our organic cotton is grown, spun, knitted, cut & sewn all in India. So it’s not trekking around the world from one factory to another racking up carbon miles.

We don’t use pesky pesticides or toxic chemicals which means happy soil, happy farmers and happy skin. 

Oh, and did we mention it feels like you’re wearing a cloud? ⛅️

This is crazy, do you have any certifications to back up these claims?

Of course. Our factory is located in Noida, India and is certified by Fair Trade. The organic cotton comes from southern India and is certified by Fairtrade.

We're on a mission

Yes Friends is on a mission to transform the lives of garment workers around the globe.

Our main focus is to continue increasing wages for garment workers throughout the supply chain. We’re proud of the pioneering work we’re already doing, but we’ve still got further to go. You can read more about our plans here.

We invite you to join us on the journey as together we create a clean fashion industry and see thousands of workers’ lives transformed.

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