Why our care labels are more loved than most people's dogs.

On 7th May 2021 our first campaign ended. Our teams collective screen-times had never been higher. A month of non-stop excitement. Like Christmas day every day.

It was a month of jobs, jobs, jobs and then we had one job. Sort of. And that job was to get our first order in faster than Lewis Hamilton on a straight. So that you could get your hands on your first ever £7.99 Sustainable & Ethical T-shirt.

But to do that we needed to sort out a few details.

Now I’m not known as a prolific graphic designer. Dan, our chief marketer, always rinses me for the amount I use Pages (Word for Mac). But I’ve found there’s few things you can’t draw with the circles, lines and triangles you get on there. And so the most DIY part of the T-shirt design process took place. Making the washing label.

So when you cast your eyes on that beautiful satin label. Do take a moment to lovingly reflect on the hours that went into making the “iron on a cool setting” symbol. And the exact Pantone shade of "flame" orange used on the swing tags. I’m confident these are the most loved labels ever made.

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