Dear designers,

We're here to help you become the next Vuitton, Baker or Westwood. If you've got an idea for a fashion collection, you've come to the right place. 

You design, get the word out and get paid. We do everything else. Are you ready to become the hottest name in fashion?


If you've got an idea for a new fashion design, you've come to the right place. Yes Friends works with professional and new fashion designers to bring collections to life.

We work with designers at all stages, whether you've just got an idea for a collection or have been designing professionally for years. 

If you've got an idea, let us know below 👇

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Ethical & sustainable factories.

When our team have approved your design, we'll get to work creating a sample so you can make any tweaks before bulk production.

When you're happy with the sample, we'll start manufacturing through our network of ethical & sustainable factories. You can read more about them here.

Get the word out.

Your designs will arrive at our warehouse, we'll put them on Yes Friends and together tell our audience why wearing your design will make heads turn wherever they go.

Then together we spread the word. Tell all our friends about them. Tell the press. Create brand pages on social media. It's time to sell, sell, sell.

You get paid.

You'll get commission every time you sell an item to our customers around the globe. So when your designs do well, so do you.

Designer Application

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Have you designed any fashion items previously? 

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Do you already have a following? 

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Which brands/designers are you inspired by?

Tell us about what you want to design and sell on Yes Friends.

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