Frozen nipples and fish & chip awards.

Frozen nipples and fish & chip awards.
There’s a few downsides to getting cold:

1. Your nipples become the focal point of your T-shirt.
2. The Crown Jewels disappear.
3. And if it’s a really cold day, your eyelashes might even freeze.

If you’ve ever been a student in the UK, there’s a competition that happens every year, nobody really wins, but it remains a fiercely competed game all the same.

It’s got a snappy title, something along the lines of; “who can last the longest without turning the heating on”. The goal is simple. To become the bravest household. Waiting ’til deepest darkest winter to finally fire up that boiler.

The prize? An invisible badge of honour and an extra wodge of cash in the bank.

In winters gone by, friends would wake up to their glass of water frozen over on their bedside table. They might as well have slept outside. On those days, duvet tog count becomes a legitimately interesting topic of conversation at dinner.

The competition doesn’t end after you graduate either. Instead, you get a bit older, become a bit more savvy and welcome the latest beloved family member to your home, the smart meter. And a new game begins, getting that daily usage number as close to zero as possible.

This year, more than ever, competition will be rife. For good reason. There will probably be some brave souls who watch a couple of Wim Hoff videos and spend the whole winter in shorts and taking cold showers, all whilst insisting they’re the healthiest people on the planet (and they’re probably right).

But for those of you who aren’t wanting to learn a new breathing technique to stand in ice cold water for 5 minutes, then we’ve got something which might help.

Our super warm hoodies are here and just £29.99. They’re made from a thick Fairtrade and organic cotton, in a wind and solar powered factory. My Mum often tells me how significantly better they are than the M&S hoodies. I know that review is about as valid as an award at a fish & chip shop, but she’s not lying. Honestly.

So whether you’re into the heating competition or not, if there’s ever been a winter to stay warm without racking up eye-watering bills, this is the one.

Together, let's stay warm and transform the fashion industry 🧡